The hall can host basketball, handball, volleyball, indoor football, tennis and a lot more other sports trainings and matches. It can be divided into two parts; there are 2 regular basketball courts across with hydraulic backboards. Size of the full hall: 1,600 sq m (40 m x 40 m), with 1,475 spectators seated concurrently.

For further information or to request an offer please contact:

Mr. Ádám Kamen


A Létesítmény üzemeltetője a Hegyvidéki Sportcsarnok és Sportközpont Kft.

A Domain tulajdonosa: Budapest Főváros XII. kerület Hegyvidéki Önkormányzat


Open from Monday to Friday


from Saturday to Sunday


1123 Budapest, Csörsz u. 14-16.

Tel: +36 70 390 0779
info (at)

GPS: 47.4900663,19.022626