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Information for 2023/2024 school year


Dear Parents,

Please read this leaflet about our swimming teaching system that we apply at MOM Sport.

Due to the previous experience we tried to create a system that can be easily adjustable to family life and takes into account children’ everyday activities and school breaks. During the creation of our system the main aspect was to take into consideration children’ development. Our swimming instructors are highly qualified; many of them hold a masters degree in sport science. We can offer swimming teachers who speak English and other languages too so many classes are available not only in Hungarian but also in other languages.

The aim of our swimming teaching system is to enable children to deepen their swimming skills and be more confident in water. After mastering children’ swimming skills there is an opportunity for them to choose other sports like synchronised swimming, water polo, competitive swimming, pentathlon or triathlon.




A lesson takes 45 minutes (40 minutes swimming, 5 minutes play time). It is worth arriving 20 minutes before the start of the lesson to enable children to get changed in a relaxed and comfortable way (no rush please!). You have also 20 minutes to get ready after the lesson because the next group needs to get changed too. In the interest of our high-standard swimming teaching and children’ safety the instructors deal with max. 6-8 children in the beginner groups and max. 10-12 children in the advanced groups.


Time of our group lessons: 4 pm, 4.45 pm, 5.30 pm and 6.15 pm (weekdays); 10.30 am (weekends). Large families can bring all their children at the same time because we offer lessons on all swimming levels in every 45 minutes.



Term time swimming courses are 4 weeks long similarly to other swimming schools (see the table with all the dates below). It was important to create a term time swimming courses system in order to ensure high standard swimming teaching and proper development. As you can see it in the table below there is going to be many events like open classes for parents, in-house swimming competitions and school breaks. You are going to be informed about the upcoming events in e-mails; so please do not worry and keep in mind the dates!

In this term time swimming courses system it is possible to come to swim once, twice or 3-times a week from Monday to Saturday. If you choose the 3-times option you can come to swim on Monday-Wednesday-Friday or on Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday. If you choose to swim twice a week you can come on Monday-Wednesday, on Monday-Friday or on Wednesday-Friday OR on Tuesday-Thursday, on Tuesday-Saturday, on Thursday-Saturday.







Between 05-09-2022 and 17-06-2023*



 GROUP SWIMMING LESSONS (once a week, valid for 4 weeks)


12 000 HUF

 GROUP SWIMMING LESSONS (twice a week, valid for 4 weeks)


18 000 HUF

 GROUP SWIMMING LESSONS (2-3 times a week, valid for 4 weeks)


19 500 HUF

 GROUP SWIMMING LESSONS (3-times a week, valid for 4 weeks)


21 000 HUF

  GROUP SWIMMING LESSONS (twice a week, valid for 4 weeks)


15 000 HUF

 LARGE FAMILY GROUP SWIMMING LESSONS (once a week, valid for 4 weeks, families living in the 12th district, official documents)


9 700 HUF

 LARGE FAMILY GROUP SWIMMING LESSONS (twice a week, valid for 4 weeks, families living in the 12th district, official documents)


14 000 HUF

SUPPLEMENTARY GROUP SWIMMING LESSONS (2 occasions,available only on the last week ofthe season)


 7 000 HUF

 SUPPLEMENTARY GROUP SWIMMING SCHOOL (1 occasion, available only on the last week ofthe season)



 4 000 HUF

 Locker Room Deposit

 5 000 HUF

*Our passes are valid until the end day of the given term.




Total beginners (tadpoles): requirement: over the age of 4. Children get to know the water itself and the basics of swimming in small groups. Our aim was to create a friendly and funny environment for children where they can easily gain water confidence.

Beginner 1 (jellyfish): submerging in water, floating on the front and back. Learning how to push&glide and kick properly on the front and back.

Beginner 2 (turtles): practising kicking on the front and back, learning the armstrokes of front crawl and backstroke, basic front crawl and backstroke.

Beginner 3 (penguins): getting to know the deep water, everything that the children learned in shallow water we apply in the deep pool. Lots of games. Funny environment.

Pre-advanced (rays): mastering front crawl and backstroke, getting to know breaststroke.

Advanced (dolphins): knowledge of 3 strokes (front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke), lots of technique exercises, increase of the swimming distance (100-200 meters), getting to know the basics of butterfly.

Masters (sharks): knowledge of technically correct 3 strokes. We offer our students aged over 14 master swimming classes. These classes are offered to those who do NOT want to swim on a competitive level.

 Once our students complete the requirements of a given level they have the opportunity to move up to a higher one. Our students are given certificates once they complete a level successfully.



Before signing up your children you have to come down to MOM Sport for a swim test. The dates and times of the swim test at MOM Sport: between 4:00 and 6:00 pm on the 30 th and 31 th of August 2023 (Wednesday and Thursday).

After assessing your child’s swimming abilities we will put them into the suitable swimming groups.


Please always make sure that you arrive on time before the lesson starts. In case of lateness you can only join the class if you are late less than 10 minutes or max. 10 minutes. More than 10 minutes lateness is not tolerated. It can not be guaranteed that our staff member can accompany your child/children straightaway to the pool in case of being late. Please always wait for our staff member by the green information desk.



In case of sickness or a school event you can miss some swimming classes. If this happens you have to provide us with a doctor’s or school certificate. You have the opportunity to come to our make up lessons: our make up lessons are held on Fridays or Saturdays. Please do not forget to inform us at the green information desk or via email ( your child’s name and his/her group) about your need concerning make up classes. If you do not use up your monthly pass we have no intention of paying you a refund.



  • it is advisable to start the swimming lessons over the age of 4;
  • place your trust in our instructors;
  • it is important to come to the swimming lessons regularly (2-3 times a week);
  • it is essential to arrive on time before the lesson starts (20 min before the lesson);
  • watch the whole lesson on TVs;
  • do not forget your swimming stuff at home: you need a pair of shoes, googles, swimming hat, swimming costumes/trunks, towel etc.


  • Please bear in mind that the rules of our policy must be applied to everyone taking part in swimming lessons at MOM Sport.
  • Please keep in mind that you can not enter the pool area; after helping your child/children to get changed you must wait for him/her/them outside.
  • Please do not forget that you can only enter the pool area and watch the lesson in person on an open day.
  • Please be aware that you are not allowed to enter the changing rooms on the G level. Our older students are getting changed here. If you have a smaller child please use the changing rooms called ’Tanöltöző’.
  • You need to pay locker room deposite to attend the course


Those who come to our group lessons are entitled to 2 hours of free parking in Jagello street depending on availability. Please bear in mind to validate your parking ticket before your swimming lesson.

Please always check our website for updates and write to us in case of questions. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!


Kind regards,


                    Evelin Reé                                                                 András Bencze

Mom Sport Swimming School assistant                                   pool manager

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