Sport is a source of joy, exercise for the brain and body as well as the best health insurance. Those who do physical exercise in an organised manner are more persistent and successful than those who do the same on their own at home. The different venue, the permanent sports companions and the tutor provide incentives, encouragement and help you improve your performance.
Regular sports can prevent diabetes, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, obesity and can improve your mood, well-being and state of mind.

While doing physical exercise, children may get rid of any superfluous energy and accumulated aggression and, simultaneously, get used to a healthier approach to life which, according to experience, will last during their life.

While your child does sports with us, they will definitely not get mixed up with any “bad company”.

Our courses begin regularly throughout the year to suit demand but children and adults are also welcome to join group lessons and individual programmes that are already in progress. If you wish to attend lessons in any sport offered by us but would not like to buy a longer-term pass for the first occasion, you can also buy a day ticket to attend a training.

For further information please contact:

06 1 248 2260

Do you plan to organise your private match with friends? Training as a hobby or as a professional athlete? A children’s birthday party with sports? A family contest? A customer meeting combined with a football match? Swim with your competitors or let the steam out in our steam cabin with your friends...

Choose our sports complex where you can rent any public part even for 1 hour.

A weekly shared training can improve your corporate team spirit and cohesion. Employees are the most important to your company, so let us arrange for a healthier lifestyle for them.

You have very little time and need to rush everywhere. Do you have to choose between training, friends and family? Why should you? Bring them together for a shared training a week and you will not have to give up anything! A joyful basketball match followed by a shared bath in our jacuzzi bath, enjoyable for the team, body and mind... We look forward to seeing you.

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