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FitKid (child fitness) is a sport of the 21st century that provides increasingly enjoyable training to children. The FitKid movement started in Hungary in 1997 and gives sports opportunities to thousands of children these days.

The basic gymnastics part of this sport provides training to girls and boys that can be used as a good foundation to compete later if required. In this sport children can compete from the age of 7 but it also gives them a lifestyle that they can follow throughout their life, even if they do not wish to compete. This physical exercise can be at least as important for them as competitive sports. It also provides general training for boys that will assist them in any other sport because power training, stretching, movement co-ordination and endurance development form an organic combination in the lessons. This sport is also present at schools because its curriculum, designed for 12 years of training, has also been approved by the National Sports Young Generation Education and Service Institute and FitKid is now also taught at schools.


Classes at MOM Sport:
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