Event hall

The event hall is a large, single airspace, air conditioned, shaded room where the floor is covered by black ballet carpet and the side walls can be covered by flame resistant curtains.

The minimum-style event hall is ideal for sports events, conferences, press conferences, exhibitions, fairs, graduating students’ balls, corporate parties, corporate gala dinners, seated and standing buffet receptions ,  concerts and fashion shows. It is a modern, high-standard venue that satisfies perfectly even higher requirements. Depending on the event the admittance can be organized from the design passage or from the ground.

The capacity of the event hall is the following: in case of gala dinners 900 persons, in case of conferences and concerts 150-2000 persons. On  the two mobile stands 1300 persons can be seated. 

Above these there are numerous further services: 1 exclusive VIP room, 1 banquet-hall with the capacity of 100 persons,  2 changing rooms for 60 people, 1 changing room for 4 people, catering room and cloak rooms for all the guests. 

Service facilities, other information

Our changing rooms can be used by 400 people at the same time, our cloakroom has a capacity for 1,800 people, and our facility  also includes a well equipped catering facility. There is natural light in the pool but there is not  in the event hall.  The whole building is air conditioned and guarded. There is a direct connection to the garden, 250 lots are available for parking and there are also a lot of other parking possibilities nearby. 



A Létesítmény üzemeltetője a Hegyvidéki Sportcsarnok és Sportközpont Kft.

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