Handball training

Handball training is available for any child aged 6-14 who is interested in handball.

In the programme children are divided into groups by age and trained from the beginner level according to their skills and any previous training. In the course of the training classes, children learn about the basic techniques and rules of handball, while advanced groups are also offered opportunities to compete.


For further information or to register, please contact:
Ágnes Mikolik
06 30 263 4575

A Létesítmény üzemeltetője a Hegyvidéki Sportcsarnok és Sportközpont Kft.

A Domain tulajdonosa: Budapest Főváros XII. kerület Hegyvidéki Önkormányzat



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On Sunday


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Tel: +36 70 390 0779
info (at) momsport.hu

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