Intensive swimming


(To be run strictly during school summer holidays)

Every summer we run intensive two-week swimming courses, for which we accept children over the age of 4. We train groups on different levels, ranging from introductory to advanced. By the end of the course we can observe a noticeable development and confidence in water.

Our intensive swimming course runs throughout the summer in 5 or 10 day training periods (Monday-Friday), with training lasting until 16:30 - 17:15 and 17:15 - 18:00 each day.

Available periods:

Period 1 - 19 June -30 June

Period 2 - 03-14 July

Period 3 - 17-28 July

Period 4    31 July - 11 August


Price of the course: HUF 25,500/person for 10 days, HUF 15,000/person for 5 days.

During the first session the children take part in an assessment and are split into groups according to their swimming capabilities. When applying, please send us the name and age of your child, the parental contact details, and the training period you wish to attend. For each application we shall send an e-mail confirmation, which contains all additional information. 

We would like to inform all Parents that they cannot take part in training sessions, therefore we request that after changing Parents wait for the training to finish in the lobby.

Those arriving for intensive swimming classes cannot use the services of the wellness section. If the training time overruns a surcharge is to be paid according to the published price list. For using the services of the wellness section a wellness ticket can be purchased at the cost of HUF 700/ 30 minutes.

Additional information, application:
intenzivuszas (at)

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