Our complex contains a modern, minimum style, well equipped pool and wellness section on 1000 m² that fully satisfies general requirements. We keep our pools and aquatic section very clean and have no worries about letting our children or ourselves use them.

Being an extremely efficient diet and sport friendly on your joints, swimming, combined with a steam bath or sauna, is ideal recreation, stress relief, detoxification and ideal for recharging your batteries. Make yourself time to rest and exercise, exclude the external world and find harmony between yourself and the water.

Your body and mind will be grateful for the care and in just a few weeks’ time your intellectual and physical performance, general feeling and body shape will show the effect of regular swimming. Make our sports complex part of your life just like our almost one thousand regular guests have done who can no longer imagine everyday life without us.

Our pool occupancy is always available on our website and at the reception


Inside the building, a swimming and training pool and wellness section await water lovers; our outdoor pool functions as an open-air pool in the summer and is covered up and heated in winter. Pools may be rented together, in parts or separately. However, if you think that one lane is enough for you, you can also rent a lane which will be available for your exclusive use during the rented period. There is a stand with a capacity of 250 spectators by the indoor pool, so competitions can also be organised.



Our wellness section, with its 16-person jacuzzi, two Finnish saunas and a steam bath, is ideal for recreation.


Indoor sports pool

Size: 25 m x 21 m, 8 lanes
Water depth: 2.1 m
Water temperature: 24-26 ºC
Other: stand for 250 people


Indoor training pool

Size: 15 m x 8.5 m
Water depth: 1.2 m
Water temperature: 28-30 ºC
Other: equipment used in swimming lessons, seats for the spectators; the training pool can only be used by children.


Leisure pool

Size: Suitable for the concurrent stay of 16 persons.
Water depth: 1 m
Water temperature: 30-32 ºC
Other: Jacuzzi bath with various massaging water jets



Size: 2 x 10 persons
Temperature: 90-105 ºC


Steam cabin

Size: 6 persons
Temperature: 40-50 ºC


Outdoor pool

Size: 33 m x 21 m, 8 lanes
Water depth: 2.1 m
Water temperature: 24-26 ºC
Other: Covered by a tent in winter and surrounded by sun beds in the summer, functioning as an open-air pool


For pool information, lessons, lane rental please contact:


Opening hours, strand, in the general case: 

MoM Sport Reception: +36 70 390 0779

(from Monday to Friday: 6:00-22:00

on Saturday 8:00 - 20:00)

Registration for summer camp and intensive swimming:


Ms Evelin Reé: +36 70 371 0487, evelin.ree@momsport.hu

(from Monday to Saturday: 9:00-17:00)

Swimming lessons and rent of swimming line:

Mr Andras Bencze: +36 70 902 5032, andras.bencze@momsport.hu

(from Monday to Saturday: 9:00-17:00)

Ms Evelin Reé: +36 70 371 0487, evelin.ree@momsport.hu & info@momsport.hu

(from Monday to Saturday: 9:00-15:00)

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Tel: +36 70 390 0779
info (at) momsport.hu

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