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Mom Sport sports camps during the summer holiday! Camp with us!

Sport is a great source of joy, an action for your brain and body, and the best health insurance. People who do sports in an organised way are usually more persistent and more succesful than the ones who try alone, or at home. The different spot, the sports company and the instructor is inspiring, motivating and helping you.

Would you like to come together with your friends for a private match? Training as hobby, or doing it professionally? A sporty birthday party for your child? Doing a family quiz? An audience meeting in combination with a football match? Make a swimming competition with your concurrence, or relax with your friends at the steam cabine…

Choose our sports center, where any corporate part of the place can be rented for anyone, even for 1 hour.

Our establishment is modern, built in minimalist style, well-equipped, satisfies all the general pretensions, has 1200 m2 swmming pool and spa area. We pay special attention to the cleanness of our pools and spa area, so we feel free to let our children into them, and we also use them.

Our outdoor swimming pool is covered and heated in the winter, but it is an open-air beach in summertime. It is possible to to rent the pools collectively, and separately, as well. However if you feel like one lane would be enough for you, it is also possible, and so during the rented time the lane can only be used by you.

In our sports centre you can park easily and safe in the 1580 nm2 backyard, and if you use any of our services, you can park here half an hour 350 HUF.
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